Who we are

H & Y Furniture Manufacturers is a lifestyle design and space enhancement company dedicated to improving the lives of people wherever they live, work or play. As a full service furniture manufacturing company in Lagos Nigeria, we specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing modular furniture for all kinds of spaces – business, educational and residential projects.

what we offer

Residential Furniture

We manufacture easy to setup modules including Doors, Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Beds, Sofas etc.

Workspace Furniture

From workstations, chairs, desks and conference tables to cafeteria seating, storage and reception.

Hospitality Furniture

We are experts at manufacturing modular hotel furniture pieces which include beds, wardrobes and lounge chairs.

Educational Furniture

We are devoted to excellence and committed to quality when manufacturing modules for learning.


Our Expertise

With almost three decades of experience in the field, you can be assured that you’d be dealing with experts who are passionate about what they do.

Local Manufacturing

We design and manufacture all of our furniture right on Nigerian soil. Why? Because we can. We can confidently assure you that all of our modules are made by expert craftsmen to international standards.

Our Prices

Pricing for our standardized modules have always been and will always be fair. This is one customer oath we maintain a strong commitment to keeping.

After-Sale Support

Our knowledgeable and skilled support team are always on hand to answer any maintenance questions you might have.

Our Projects

From acrylic-cord shades and LED pendants to handblown chandeliers, these newly introduced lighting fixtures add a serious dose of style to any interior space.

Our Clients

Polaris Bank
mtn l
lagos state